I’ve been sort of caught up lately in being projected upon. Meaning? Consciously or not, I’ve been allowing others’ expectations of me to influence my thoughts and actions. My intention is to “worry less” and do more. Of me. Whatever that is. I encourage you to do the same. Stop worrying about being “enough.” You know, holding your tongue because you may not be smart enough, not approaching that someone because you may not be attractive enough or interesting enough, or not starting a venture because you may not have the skills enough to complete it, and on and on. Be you. Those who are “for you” will come. Keep them. Those who are not, well, they will be easy enough to spot. It’s difficult to block out the negativity and the distractions but it’s worth it. You will be so much more productive and content. I would add though, don’t be too quick to judge. I say this because I recently took a friend’s statement to heart and thought it was meant to be a dig. It bothered me for days. I mulled it around in my mind, looked at it from what I thought was every angle, until it finally dawned on me that maybe I misunderstood the statement (the conversation was via text, but the complexity texting adds to a relationship would have to be for another post  lol). When I finally stopped defending myself to myself was when I could look at the context of the statement, not in light of just the conversation, but taking into consideration all of the past interactions. I knew then that it was really my good that my friend wanted for me. Ooh, I love the gray the areas! There are fine lines everywhere.