A Life Plan

We are all looking for something, a purpose in this life. I struggle with that as much as the next person (sometimes I swear it’s more, lol) and I have my good days and my bad days. I used to think I knew how it would all go – I would go to school, get a degree, get a job, and stay with that job until I retired. My plans got thwarted which I didn’t account for. Nope, I had no Plan B. What do you when that happens? You try to regroup and keep from sliding all the way down the hill and taking your entire family with you. Four years later I’m still working on the regrouping part, but I believe I’m finally getting the hang of it. Now I have to plan, and “plan B” plan, the rest of my life. I can’t spend whatever time I have left waffling between choices and options and ideas and wonderings. With so many inspirational women around me I have no excuse. People come into our lives for two reasons: for us to be blessings to them, and for them to be blessings to us.

This first ‘episode’, if you will, is for Andria – a young lady who started on one path, a predictable one, but is now forging her own. Just listening to her I draw from her youthful courage. I’m certain she has helped me more than I have helped her.