A Woman of Wonder

I loved her since I was a child, this Wonder Woman person. I would put a headband around my forehead and spin around turning into her. I would take my jump rope and that would be my lasso and I fought against evil. I watched her on TV, always in awe of how she carried herself, her goodness, her ability to beat the bad guys, and her beauty too, yes.

So, it was with great but contained excitement that I went to see the movie yesterday. At almost two and a half hours, I had my doubts that it would hold me, as I tend to fall asleep during movies these days (I blame it on being older than I once was), but I was completely immersed in Diana’s story. She held my heart still. What struck me the most were two things in particular: she didn’t know her strength, nor did she hesitate when facing her foe. Diana had no idea. She didn’t know she was special, didn’t know how powerful she could really be. If only we believed in our strength before seeing it; have a little faith. She was willing to give her all for her cause, without hesitation, even in the face of her greatest adversary. One whom she hardly knew anything about. She didn’t know if she could beat him, didn’t know what he was capable of. But she went ahead, straight for him, every time.

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