Comfort Food

I’ve been thinking about this for little while. Really, just a little, only over the past week or so. This concept of comfort food has me intrigued a bit. I never felt that it applied to me. Never really understood it – eating to soothe yourself. Is that even what it means? I didn’t look it up honestly. But as of late I find myself going back to things I once knew, once did, once enjoyed. On my journey to “find myself,” to figure out what I really and truly like, and how I want to spend my time, I figure that if I start small with tasks I deem relatively easy then I should be able to work myself up to more difficult, complex tasks. When I was young I used to read. A lot. I used to take piano lessons by order of my grandmother. I used to write in my journal almost every day. I rode my bicycle every day after school. And what has it come to now? Without even thinking about it I find I have been trying to revert back to my younger self. Granted, the physical is gone [insert ssmirk here] but I find a certain “comfort” in the familiarity of doing the things I once did on a regular basis. It almost feels like picking up where I left off – reading again, riding again, practicing my French. But, why, I ask myself? Because it’s comforting to fall back to the things I already know. Because there is a history there so I don’t feel like I’m starting from scratch. Because those things were easy once I figure they must be easy still. All of the above probably but mostly because they are familiar to me. Hence they are my comfort foods. Different time and place and space, but comforting nonetheless. I wouldn’t consider doing what you know to be “evil” per se, but at what point do you break out and move past familiarity to growth? Is it wrong to merely sit back and do what comes easily, naturally,…comfortably? These considerations just bring more questions to my mind. Nothing is black and white. Could comfort indeed be evil? Ok, ok, evil is a strong word, I agree, but if it doesn’t serve us well then either it serves us badly or doesn’t serve us at all, both of which are not positive anyway.

I admit I could forever remain content in my comfort zone with my bicycle, books, notebooks, and a few other items, but I will not. My plan is to get better at a few things, build confidence, and go on and conquer other areas of my life. What say you?

3 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Hmm… I think it’s great that for you ‘comfort food’ can simply take the form of something truly comforting. I wish that was the case. For me, I never really used to think I had a ‘comfort’ food, but I since realised, I definitely do/or suffer from the cycle of settling into a pattern and relying (short term into long term) on certain treats like chocolate and candy (in excess!) for a moment of temporary ‘comfort’. It’s definitely temporary, which is why it’s so dangerous because that’s where the cycle begins and then leads to other problems…

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