What did you get?


I was tasked the other day to share my favorite gift received from Christmases past. I gotta tell you, I was at a loss. Big time. I thought it would have been easy to think back over the last less-than-40 years and remember what I was given, but I could barely remember one thing. I found that strange and quite disturbing. People went out of their way to think of me and consider me, and yet I couldn’t conjure up in my mind anything substantial. Even now I still have a difficult time. It’s been over a week since I was asked the question. I asked my husband to help me and he could barely remember what he bought me last year much less any time over the past 13 years of our marriage. I asked my eight year old daughter who was not surprisingly of any help. I even asked my mother who was sitting beside me at the time. She came back with, “What about the rocking horse you got when you were three?” Wooow, mom, really? lol  I DID love that horse, but I don’t remember getting it, I only remember having it, so to me that couldn’t count as a valid answer. What did come to mind were two, well, four, Secret Santa gifts – two were beyond cool because of how meaningful they were. The other two were in the opposite direction of meaningful so I won’t go into details about them. (I hope that anyone who ever gave me a gift for Christmas is not reading this right now….) I’ve gotten quite a few meaningful gifts but I couldn’t say when much less to say whether or not which one I would consider the best. What was the best gift you ever received for Christmas?

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