Push, Pull, Shove, Yank??

I am blessed. I have amazing people in my life that I call friends. They encourage me and help to show me things from other perspectives. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Sounds corny, I know, but it’s true.

Recently I began thinking about how they influence me. Not “in what way” but really how do they do what they do to me?  🙂

Most are of the encouraging type – they nudge me along in whatever direction I’m going, they pull me a little if they see I’m veering off course. These are very comforting people to have around. I feel safe with them. That feeling of safety allows me to try new paths with less fear because I know I’m not going it alone. I can grow in an environment like that. These friends are considerate and caring, great sounding boards, and some of our interactions cause me slight discomfort, in a good way, in that I’m constantly challenged.

I have other friends who make me quite a bit more uncomfortable. These friends are just as caring but not so nice about it.  🙂  They push and pull me, they almost force me stretch my mind, to “be” outside of the box. They hold me accountable and ask me difficult questions, they tell me when I suck at something and don’t mince words to make me feel good. Sometimes I wonder why I maintain our friendship, it can be that uncomfortable. Is it needless to say that I don’t have many of this type of friend? Anyway, I can’t help but grow with this type of friend as well. It’s either grow or run away screaming. I believe the intentions are good so I try to take what I can, as much as I can, and use it to better myself.

The one thing that is consistent between the two is that I’m forced, whether a little or a lot, to answer questions. They might be direct, implied or even rhetorical questions. They might be difficult or easy. But they are asked and they make me think. Sounds like I’m going back on that introspection tip….

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