Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Next Year

I successfully, albeit inadvertently, depressed a friend of mine today when I asked him where he is now compared to where he was when he started off the year. “Today” isn’t bad. It’s easy enough to get through the busy work, but what actual accomplishments are we making? The year has flown by. Time in general seems to be flying by. And the only way to make it “slow” down is “be” in the present and “do” things that are steps towards accomplishing our goals. (As an aside, if we’re not doing those things, then maybe it’s because the goals we have are not really ours.) We joked about the situation. There’s something about the truth in jokes that make them all the funnier. Off the cuff he said the reason he hadn’t accomplished anything this year is because he didn’t make any plans at the beginning of the year.  🙂  Funny, but only because it was somewhat true. I told him he still has three weeks to do something. What (else) will you do in the remaining weeks of 2014?

One thought on “Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Next Year

  1. Well, you don’t have to worry about depressing me, I do that fine all on my own. Lol.
    But, more likely, he was already thinking it – that he hadn’t done anything all year. You just inadvertently vocalized it for him… The year HAS gone by fast – my perception at least. I feel like I was supposed to get WAY more done this year (particularly back in April). I’m trying to ‘be’ and ‘live in the moment’. Hard when you don’t really love the moments you’re in….

    “if we’re not doing those things, then maybe it’s because the goals we have are not really ours.” —- I think maybe so, maybe so…. Maybe it’s even that we set too many goals because we THINK we have to. Me, I don’t have many goals. I don’t really need much. Just one thing really and then I’d be happy or at least I could live with the ‘rest of it’ 🙂

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