Today is a new day?

. But wouldn’t you know it, different day, same scenario. I wonder if God is trying to show me that *I* need to be more in tune with the feelings of those around me. How is it that these things get under my skin unless it’s showing me something about myself? It could just be something worth worked up about, but who gets worked up without an underlying reason. The background to this story is that yet another inconsiderate soul asked a mother if she is “still” mourning the loss of her son? Pause right there. At what point in this person’s brain did the message get so twisted in order to come out like that. I’m betting there was no ill intent, so if it started out as an innocent question/concern/thought, then where did that person go wrong? Yes, my experiences are not yours so we will see things differently and react different to the same stimuli, but are we all so self-absorbed (there’s that phrase again) that we can only see from ourselves outward? I took the person’s question as wrong as can be, I’m sure. I took it that the person was basically saying why aren’t you over it yet, you should be over it. Granted, I didn’t hear the question, I don’t even know if those were the exact words used, but that was how it was relayed to me so that’s all I have to go on. Normally I wouldn’t let it phase me too much because broken telephone is real, but when you know the mother got so upset that she had to leave the premises then you know there’s something to it. It doesn’t matter if her child died today or twenty-five years ago…how, in good conscience, do you approach someone, a mother no less, with a question like that?

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