What is your reality?

I was recently disappointed. You know how “they” say every disappoint is God’s appointment, or something like that? Yeah, I don’t see it. How long will it take for me to see it? Am I supposed to be the Christian here, allowing myself to be subjected to injury? Turn the other cheek? Really? I’m not saying I feel the need to retaliate. I’m thinking more along the lines of protecting myself. Why should open myself up is this is what’s going come in? Yes, we all are self-absorbed to some extent. I am too. But how unconscious must one be to not be able to think ahead to how your open and public actions might affect those who should be important to you? I feel almost hypocritical asking this considering my own selfish actions but in this post I’m the victim so I get to vent. (I’ll save the self-bashing for another post.)

My reality is that I have expectations. I expect you to consider me if I consider you. But, I realize that my expectations are many times unrealistic. They are based on *me* and *my* perspective and experiences. So I try to turn things around as much as I can in order to see things from the other person’s point view. In the situation referenced above, I see nothing except either 1) self-absorption and/or 2) fear. And then again, we may have different definitions of “consideration,” you and I. I understand that. Forgive me for initially being defensive, but I will get around to understanding the root of it. At least, I will try.

2 thoughts on “What is your reality?

  1. Speculation will kill you or at least make you go a little crazy. Really, you can’t know the why, unless you get it from them. So you have to either be brave enough to ask/tell them how disappointed you are or let it go. Even though it seems obvious, maybe it really isn’t that to them.

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