Stop the madness!

Stop comparing yourself to others – their quality of life, their quantity of gigs, the type of leisure activities they get to do, noticing what they don’t have to do, or in whatever other way you’re comparing yourself. Stop.

I’ve been there, I am there, yes, I do that. So, yes, I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to you.

I sent this to a friend yesterday and thought I would share,

We have to stop obsessing about where we are! We need to look at where we are now, just one more time, but this time with the eye of this is where I don’t want to be. And immediately, next, make a plan to get where we want to be, which will be daunting if we look at even five years down the line, but we can do it if we focus on, say, where we want to be at the end of year and then break it down into chunks of what we need to accomplish each month, “seeing” where we will be and what we want to be doing. We can actually get there. The question is do we really want what we claim to want? I only ask that because if we wanted it badly enough…we would be doing what we should be doing.

One thought on “Stop the madness!

  1. “The question is do we really want what we claim to want?”
    That is truly the question. Because if it’s wanted bad enough, then we’d be willing to do the work. So maybe it’s the complacency and inertia that we have to work at over coming by making actionable plans, have concrete goals, keeping ourselves accountable so that we DO do what needs to be done.

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