Why do you fear?

I was reading recently one person’s idea about the Fear of Success and what causes that fear. He says that we are afraid to succeed because we are afraid of being alone, being cast out, being different from the rest. I don’t know how much I agree with that perspective. I mean, it must be true for some people. At least for one person.  🙂  For me I think it’s more a feeling of failure that I’m avoiding. Not the prospect of succeeding temporarily or trying to succeed but then failing in the end. Not like that. But more along the lines of, if I go for it and succeed, then what have I been doing all this time?? Has my life prior to the “success” been a waste? A failure or disappointment in and of itself. Yes, the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, ALL that I’ve done and been a part of make me who I am now, have indeed prepared me for this point in my life. I understand my life has not been a waste. But still, some part of me feels like if I could do “it” now then why didn’t I do it before? Was I just lazy? How much better could my life be now if I had started way back. And, of course, this is backwards thinking because if I let this paralyze me now then there will be exponentially that much more regret two days, weeks, months, years, decades from now.

Ah, well, today is a new day.

One thought on “Why do you fear?

  1. “If I go for it and succeed, then what have I been doing all this time??”
    Sadly yes, it’s almost like you don’t want to prove that you COULD have been doing it all this time. So NOT doing it saves you from having to kick yourself from not having started sooner. Really, not a great argument – but I am guilty too.

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