One and Only


I wanted to do a post as an ode to single parents because I have much respect for them. I’m married with two young children. My husband works 12-hr shifts most days (no, he is not compensated like a doctor, at all) and that can be taxing. There’s not much I can say really because I DO have someone to help me even if it is only sometimes, but I still feel it when he’s not there – when I have to tote the children on all of my errands plus take them to their activities, not to mention anytime I have a ‘me’ thing to. The latter is so rare because that’s just how mothers are – we put everyone else above ourselves way too often, but we do derive satisfaction from knowing we have fulfilled/satisfied/made someone else happy. Anyhow, my daily struggles always make me think about single parents. I wonder how they manage. They have no reprieve unless they have a good support network, but how many of them do? Sure, they don’t have the added dynamic of having to keep a partner/spousal relationship going, but then they do have everything on themselves. There is no sharing of responsibility, even if it’s in name only. There is no shoulder to lean on. There is no mediator between them and their children. There is no “Look, leave me alone, go ask your father, he’s right there.”  lol  There is no shared accountability – all decisions are on one person’s head, good, bad, or ugly, right there, right then. That’s a lot. That’s a lot for one person, even if that person has a good support system. My mother was a single parent. Having my own children now I see for myself exactly how self-centered children are. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact. Children only know their world from one perspective – theirs. I like to think I was a considerate child and not completely self-absorbed, but in reality that probably wasn’t the case for myself or my sister.  🙂   So, here’s to the single moms and dads out there. I’m raising my virtual glass of sparkling apple cider to you! Don’t lose heart (or sanity).   😀

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