For my daughter

I am the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to certain things. I don’t know what it is. And as much as I want to write, that’s one of the things that keeps getting put on the back burner. The idea behind this blog was, and still is, two-fold: (1) to be a source of encouragement to my daughter as she grows, and (2) to motivate me and others to DO. I have lived a fairly stable and comfortable life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’ve found myself saying to various friends over the years “Yes, do that so I can live through you!” Why on earth would I say that and not just decide to ‘live’ myself? True, finances can be a restricting factor, especially when to me  ‘living’ includes lots of travel, however there are still things that *can* be done. Things can be done and situations can be changed so that doors to other opportunities can be opened. This blog is a toast to that! This is my personal project – I want to meet and talk to women who are DOING, and when I do I will post about them here. Are you in?

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